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    PS3 Triangle Button [UnAnswered] At World's End, or At Wit's End?

    although this may sound like a rant, it is, but with a serious question behind it - what the hell is $ony thinking? allow me to explain...

    On Thursday 24th of May, Pirates: At World's End Comes out at the cinemas in Australia, also the game comes out on every platform under the sun. This makes sense, the game ties in, the buzz, sales go up, all very clever. HOWEVER - it DOES NOT come out on the PS3, yes that's right, the computer at EB games only said June, and no specific date. Not May 24th - like everyone else. Why is this? what are they thinking?

    I was all a tingle for spiderman 3 - i wanted that game sooooo badly on my kick ass high end system, it was gonna be christmas for me, but guess what, and this may be a shock to readers in the states or europe - IT'S STILL NOT OUT - that's right, no spidey 3 on PS3, but it's out on everything else - they have the same font!!! but no game... which now is fine, cause i won't bother buying it anymore.... spiderman was so 2 weeks ago, or more....

    so again i ask, does anyone know what $ony is doing?

    PS calling all cars on different region stores? nooo, of course not......

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    Have you contemplated purchasing the game from a neutral waypoint that will have the region-free US version available? Check this:

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    thanks kristarheart, but it's more the fact that i can't simply purchase these new games, from stores, like a consumer should be able to, it just doesn't make sense why the PS3 is getting shafted when the 360, ps2, psp - ds lite even - are getting the games when they should....

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    I picked up Spider-Man 3 on PS3 yesterday from a store in the UK, albeit the PS3 version was delayed 2 weeks.

    The obvious answer to your Q regarding PoTC is that the PS3 is still very new and takes devs a lot longer to make than for say 360. Once PS3 has been out for a year then games will start churning out on time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duff Man View Post spidey 3 on PS3, but it's out on everything else - they have the same font!!! but no game....
    i seriously laughed out loud with that! yeah, i can understand your pain, i can't FEEL your pain because i live in the States, but....

    keep your head up!

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    Yeah, the spidey bit's a hoot- the PSP version won't even be out until October here in the 'states... and again: same freakin fonts.

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    Also remember more dev tools and middleware for developers on PS3 are still forthcoming.

    Just the typical growing pains for a new system. You only need to remember last year when everyone whined about the 360 the same way.

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