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    jedaking Guest

    Working JB with a bad BR-drive?

    Will it ever be possible to run homebrew on a ps3 with a bad drive.

    I have this ps3 with a non reading laser and cant run the homebrew, it freezes every time.

    Is there a workaround on this problem, or is the key marrige between motherboard and BR-criketboard indpossible to bypass??

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    modmate Guest
    Usually the most games will run without a disc in the drive. Just make sure you got the latest payload and BM combination to get it work.

    Some games require a disc in the drive but i guess this will be fixed in a next major update.

    Greets Modmate

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    EiKii Guest
    from what you tell it seems the laser isnt the problem, the bluray controller board is somehow broken? if it would be only the laser it should work with running homebrew and games that wont need disc. At least i think not 100% someone might be able to confirm this?

    make sure the "contact pin" under the bluray drive is connecting to the drive, and have u tried the recovery menu?

    only asking since it sounds like it isnt the laser thats the real problem making the PS3 not read discs.

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    jedaking Guest
    was hopping a new laser would fix this, but if its the controller board im f..ked. there nothing that can fix this. danmit

    But if a hacker can bypass this marrige between the board. could be nice!!

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    EiKii Guest
    well it could be but if it would i think homebrew work, as i said not sure tho.

    1. Have you tried recovery menu? it might help if there is some driver/database error making the drive faulty.

    2. And the ground contact pin thats under the drive and the metal case that covers the motherboard, to make sure it has contact, read several people had the bluray drive to not read disc and it was as simple as that pin not making contact and had to be bend up a little, and it started to work fine.

    3. And also make sure there isnt any cable loose or corrosion at the board wich may indicate an contact problem.

    Good luck and feel free to ask if something is unclear!

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    bugga12 Guest
    From what I could gather any homebrew that makes the bdvd call won't work if there is no blu-ray drive to call. (For example, a faulty board)

    I guess it just gets stuck on a loop, hence the black screen.

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    jedaking Guest
    If it so that some games are not using the drive to run, why is it i cant run any kind of homebrew. FTP, BM and SNES freezes. and demos wont run either.

    Now i have a laser on the way, i will follow up on this thread when i have testet it.

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    EiKii Guest
    well probably cuz it cant find it, did you try and checked out the things i wrote?

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    jedaking Guest
    yes i have i tried with reinstalling the firmware and all the options in recovery menu!

    And tried new cabels for the blu-ray drive. :-( no luck! but when i can reinstalle the fw, that menes that there i connection, RIGHT! if the controller board not working, this would not be possible right?

    last option new laser, is its not working after that i will just wait for a new hack that can support of no drive connected in the ps3... but dont expect that to happen anytime soon.. :-(

    But it would be nice if there was a hack with no bluray drive support lol then i could replace the blueray drive with my 3.5 HDD 1tb drive nice

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    Gstar Guest
    I am also waiting on a payload that supports faulty non working blu-ray drives.

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