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    jedaking Guest
    It has to be possible to do it, they have full access to the game OS! But I think the key have to be leaked. Before anything will happe!

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    maxdb1984 Guest
    I had the same problem and it turned out the data cable for the blu ray drive was put back in the wrong way around. Even with a faulty drive once I plugged the cable in the correct way it worked.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    has any light shed upon this topic? it's like the keys come out and cfw and i haven't seen anything on bypassing calls to the bluray or whatever it is that freezes homebrew on systems with faulty or unoriginal bluray boards.

    didn't wanna start new thread when a perfectly good old one was still open... thanks

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    sonofskywalker3 Guest
    I'm really looking for an answer to this too. my situation is not quite as bad because my drive will still let me play homebrew and psn downloads, but won't read or pull in disks. i have a good controller board, just need a hack to be able to swap it out. anyone making any progress on this front, or is everyone just trying to make a backup loader work? i could care less about running backups if my disks would work, but for now i've got no choice.

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