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Thread: windows vista ps3 emulator

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    anastasiadis123 Guest

    windows vista ps3 emulator

    is it possible to play ps3 games with emulator in my pc with os vista?

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    There is no PS3 emulator for PC, so this is not possible (my guess, it won't be for many years due to requirements necessary to properly emulate a PS3).

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    garyofdoom Guest
    well it maybe possible if you have a fast enough computer with ps3 isos and a ps3 emulator.. and that is a big maybe!

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    isaacelias Guest
    its possible install the windows vista in the ps3 of 40gb

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    Bakke Guest
    You could probably install VM and run Vista or XP from YELLOW DOG LINUX v6 0, but seems remotely possible.

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    Meglatura2 Guest
    no lol not for another 10 years im afraid

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    boricuajunkie Guest
    I'm sure you could find a way to run Vista on a PS3.... but... why would you want to do that!!! I would rather install Mac OSX Leopard!!

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    Kraken Guest
    You cannot run Vista on a PS3. In order to do that, you need to emulate an x86 based processor on a powerPC, and emulation right now gives you about a 200MHZ PC, which is way under the reqs for Vista. Plus Sony locks out the 3D, so no Aero until the PS3 is hacked. Windows 98 and XP are possible though incredibly slow, and threads exist in the PS3 linux forums.

    PS3 on PC is even more improbable. You need approximately 10x the power to emulate a system. Even if it was 1:1, you would still need a machine as powerful as the PS3 meaning 8 cores, advanced gfx, etc. which just isn't feasible now, or for many (10+ years). To put this into perspective, a 3.2GHZ Dual Core with GeForce8800GTX can barely emulate a PS2.

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