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    crash109 Guest

    Winamp Remote on PS3

    Hey everyone,

    I just put Winamp Remote on my PC and it works pretty good so far at streaming content to my PS3. I can even use it to copy the songs.

    If I stream or copy songs to my PS3 can I play them at the same time as I'm playing a video game or no?

    I've searched the forum but haven't really found an answer yet.


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    mattpennisi Guest
    are you using ps3 wireless or wired? im getting a lot of problems wireless ;/

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    crash109 Guest

    Make sure your port forwarding is set for Winamp Remote with your router.

    Also, one funny thing I notice about the PS3 is that when I had a netgear router everything ran perfectly. The day I started using a linksys router I get randomly disconnected from the PSNetwork. I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    I haven't tried it wired yet either.

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    chalitox Guest
    Its a common issue with linksys, just disable uPNP on the router and try again..


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    crash109 Guest

    Thanks so much.

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