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    junior2k9 Guest

    Will transfering movies via FTP work on ps3?

    Just a quick question , was wondering if i can transfer videos from pc to ps3 using ftp? I see that when i copied a sample video from usb to ps3 that it creates 2 files along with the video file?? Is it possible to just ftp the video to ps3 in video/cd directory?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Just tried it and NO it wont work, even tried making a folder like the ones already inside video folder(ca, cb , cd , etc) . The best way to get vids onto PS3 directly from PC is to copy when vewing using PS3media server 1.20.

    Maybe somone code make a small app to make the other 2 files so that we could transfer using FTP, probably just thumbnail and extra details files.

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