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Thread: Will they make a new Guitar Hero game?

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    lusvinkid Guest

    Will they make a new Guitar Hero game?

    Ok i love playing GH games fron the 80's to GH3 and i love every thing about the music, the motivation, the feeling of the action when playing it, and my fave is BY BEATING EVERYONE IN IT! BUT...

    Since there are now GH games from PS2 to XBOX and now to Nintendo DS and they are all different with more songs, characters, and more storylines then they must make a new GH game. I even heard that there is GH toy where you can play the guitar with no tv, no console, and no game disc this toy has a laser and when you hand passes it this little machine will start playing a song that you can select by some numbers that it is on it and I think by now its on sale if not then be patient maybe it will be the next big hit toy out there.

    But will they make a Guitar Hero 4, 5, 6,...100 (in like 50 years) with more games comes with new consoles so ladies and germs get your money from your piggy banks and money from your parents cuz they will make new consoles and they will be EVEN AWESOMER!!!

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    snipersamurai Guest
    You would have to be insane if you think Activision wont release any more versions of its latest cash cow. With GH:WT coming out in October they are trying to take over Rock Bands demographic as well. With Rock Band still not being officially available outside North America (except on X360 in UK, Fance & Germany) I'd say Activision are going to have the international market so completely sewn up that EA/Harmonix shouldn't even bother releasing Rock Band 2 outside of where the original was released.

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    Piezo Guest
    After playing the first rock band I was kinda disappointed with the song selection.. so im really hoping guitar hero will be a lot better. I sold my rock band to save money for guitar hero lol

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    djz0ober Guest
    Expect it for next quarter.

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    bmwdude4 Guest
    I went to E3 in L.A. this year and it seemed that they will be coming out with a GH for the PS3.. idk when tho they didnt release that info.

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    ibelieveitsbutt Guest
    Guitar Hero World Tour looks really really good. Way better than Rockband 2. I can't wait!!

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