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Thread: Will there be a Twisted Metal on the PS3?

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    ZQ8 Blazer Guest

    Arrow Will there be a Twisted Metal on the PS3?

    Ok so I've been hearing rumors since 06 that there is going to be a new TM out for the PS3, once I believe I even read that it was in development, but had gotten canceled. Does anyone have any updates on this as I have loved the series (except small brawl) since the beginning.

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    Controller Guest
    I've never heard of this stuff. But I did found this:

    After fans deciphered a message in the Dark Past documentary as reading "TWISTED METAL IS COMING ON PSTHREE", Jaffe confirmed it himself. So it's coming. More information here:

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    ZQ8 Blazer Guest
    ok, thanks for that tidbit.

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