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    will there be a ps3 jailbreak for 3.56?

    I'm deciding whether or not to update to the latest jailbreak or not or just to wait if there is a 3.56 jailbreak. It would suck if i updated to latest and have a 3.56 jailbreak come out soo.. does anyone know if there will be one? thanks!

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    If there is any new CFW it will be for 3.6 or higher, or a way to downgrade from there to lower FW. But the foreseeable future says no 3.56 CFW will be made

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    don't feel you're alone mate an even on 3.56 i didnt update yet!!!and i still think there is going to be a 3.56 jailbreak because of any method which is going to emerge which isn't seen now or qa flagging for e.g it might be for 3.56 too but they said qa flagging doesn't work with 3.60> firmwares!! so 3.56 jailbreak or custom firmware is still possible don't just rule out!!!

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    Yeah if you're already on 3.56 then I would suggest just updating to 3.60/3.61 because that's where the focus is at the moment.

    Anyone that currently has a JB/CFW PS3 can spoof their FW and make a game which requires 3.56 run without actually needing 3.56, so it's not a priority tbh.

    Also, because 3.61 is the latest OFW then it is the more likely target for a dev wanting to create a CFW - newer keys/security/features etc.

    IMHO update to 3.60 and play all the latest games until a CFW for 3.60+ comes out.

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    This has been covered many times already here if you do a search, only time will tell for sure.

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