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Thread: Will Sony give us back OtherOS?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
    Never Sony will not gives us back otherOS & PS2 Backwards Compatibility, even when they have to burn in hell for cheating their customers by advertising the features which they removed after teasing their customers.

    Sony is only good at removing features in past...
    1) PS2 FAT -> PS2 Slim (HDD support removed)
    2) PSP FAT -> PSP Slim (Infrared port removed) -> PSP GO (UMD Drive removed)
    3) PS3 20GB,60GB,Older 80GB FAT -> PS3 40GB,80GB,160GB (PS2 Backwards Compatibility removed) -> PS3 Slim (OtherOS removed also from PS3 FAT after fw 3.21)

    So keep in mind Sony only knows how to removes features not to add any.
    Also remember they've removed the firewire port from latest fat versions of PS2 as well as SACD support from PS3 ...

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    OrionMTBR Guest
    I think they will never give us back otherOS feature because they don't care. People will always try to hack hardware, just because they like to and some people will try to make profit selling piracy games, jailbreaks, etc.

    But Sony and game companies are trying to keep their profit in games, it's their business and I agree with that but not allowing people to try to hack the devices will not stop the profit loss. They don't learn from past lessons, if Sony keeps the game's price low, will have less piracy.

    Why I pay 60 bucks for a new Need for Speed, as I can buy the old one as low as 20usd ? I don't like to buy new releases because this. I do prefer buy 3 original good games at 20usd each than buy one at 60usd. I own 15 PS3 games. In my country, they sell God of War 3 for about 110usd. I bought mine in Hong Kong and paid only 45usd. It's the only game I have paid more than 25usd and I think it's worth each cent.

    Keep PS3 games prices low, Sony and Game Studios will sell more, people will not care too much about hacking, they will prefer to buy new games, more than used games. Be smart, Sony.

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    aamir007 Guest
    They'll never give the option back even if they get sued million. I think they should do some work on it sort out the problems and re patch the exploit and release it to the public then everyone would be happy but they're too greedy to do that.

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    thijzzy Guest
    Well Sony also add new things like 3D (way to overpriced), trophies ect. But they remove more things like BD-J, ubs-ports, otheros, cardreader, ps2 compability

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