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Thread: Will PS3 recognise old HDD after HDD upgrade?

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    blazr Guest

    Question Will PS3 recognise old HDD after HDD upgrade?

    Hi Forum,

    So I've got a new HDD (Segate Momentus 5400.6 500GB OEM PS3 compatible 2.5" HDD) that i'd like to update my 120GB PS3 Slim (OFW 4.30) with.

    I've got all the backup done and downloaded the update (OFW 4.31) onto a USB, so i am ready for the switch.

    My question is once i upgrade the HDD with 4.31 off the USB, if i experience any problems with the new HDD, can i just revert back to my old one by swapping them out, or will the console complain because the HDDs will have different firmwares?

    Thanks in advance.


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    h82skate1968 Guest
    Yes you will have problems. I would update with the old HDD in and then use the PS3 to transfer the data to the new drive.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i have a question if some one could help i have 2 ps3s one running rebug cfw with broken bd drive and one runnig ofw with working bd drive is it possible to just swap the hard drives so i can have cfw on the one with working bd drive many thanks in advance

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    k9inpoop Guest
    sorry but its not that simple you would have to get a hardware flasher to downgrade it or you can just get a replacement blu-ray drive of the right type for the broken ps3 and replace it. if i where you i would go with the replacement because is a lot cheaper

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    thanks thought it sounded too easy to do so does the ps3 have two internal hdds one for the operating system and on for the storage or is it just one partitioned off

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    k9inpoop Guest
    well i dont know anything about that but i know if you tried to put in the hdd in the non broken one it will just reformat the hdd for it to work in that ps3 and there is some files/data stored on your NAND/NOR flash that will not let that hdd work in it until its reformatted other wise everybody might have a cfw ps3 by just ordering cfw formatted hdds off the internet

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    Brian10122 Guest
    Guys, I love the enthusiasm, but you should start your own thread if you need help instead of taking over this guys.

    At the OP, I'm pretty sure the data on the HDD doesn't have to do with the firmware installed on the console as that's stored on the flash memory of the system itself, while the HDD is for just about everything else.

    You should be safe, as I've done this once before with a much bigger firmware difference (3.55->4.30) I would still recommend doing what h82skate suggested though as a precaution if there's some important stuff on there.

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    racer0018 Guest
    It all depends on what ps3 you have. If you have a nor ps3 there is some information on that hard drive that the system needs. That is why they are able to use a 16mb nor chip is it using the hard drive to store information. Now if you have a NAND ps3 then it uses two 128mb NAND chips to hold all information for the ps3. And data for the user is kept on the hard drive.

    But what I would do is make a backup of the system and then install the new hard. Once you install the new hard drive it will ask for you to put in a firmware 4.30 or higher on USB and so it will then write to the hard drive the information you need and then you can install backup after that. This is for a nor ps3. What ps3 model do you have. Thanks

    Also forgot to say that yes the ps3 should see old hard drive as long as you don't update the firmware from the old ps3. If you have your old hard drive on 4.30 and you update to 4.31 with new hard drive in there you will have to update the old hard drive with the same. If it is a nor. Thanks

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    blazr Guest
    Hi, thanks to all for a lengthy reply.

    My PS3 is a slim 120GB model CECH-2103A

    I understand now. So if i upgrade my ps3 with new HDD to 4.31, and by some reason the new HDD fails. Then i will just plug in my old HDD, do a reset and reinstall the backup i had.

    Ok thank you. Now time to try and get this darn blue screw out, it wont budge, seems like its been stripped, Thanks Big S for HQ screws!

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