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    ack84 Guest

    Question Will it pay to wait to purchase a PS3?

    On my recent travels overseas, I was tempted to heade to comments and purchase a PS3, since it's much cheaper than here in Australia. Denying my spontaneous instincts, and upon my return, very early research has surfaced news regarding new manufacturing techniques that will improve reliability and, most importantly, offer the opportunity for a price drop! Although, with recent news of the demise of HD-DVD competition for blue-ray, there doesn't seem much need for $ony to pass any savings on to consumers in the short term, perhaps rather make up for their investment.

    We all know that the trend in the long-term will lead to a drop in price, but I'm curious as to whether we may see such "rumors" come true by the end of the year? Comments?

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    Apr 2005
    Good question.. I'm sure many are pondering this as well. If the PS3 price was lowered further several people I know would finally buy one, but right now it's still too expensive for them to justify buying one even with the Blu-ray player built in.

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    IanJ Guest
    All manufacturers constantly look to reduce costs. Some more than others are keen to pass this on to the consumer. Most likely to pass on these cost savings are manufacturers who are in competition in a tight market space. Sony and the PS3 are in exactly that type of market. Of course HD-DVD's demise will help them gain some market share but ultimately it's Microsoft (and to a lesser extent Nintendo) that they will be gunning for.

    As with all electronics, if you wait long enough they will be cheaper/smaller/better/faster. What it really comes down to is how much YOU want one and what $ value you put on it.

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    Desi Guest
    Many people are still forgetting that during launch,even the 360 was just as expensive as what the ps3 costs right now. Yet people still are quick enough to demand price drops for a machine that won't crapout unlike the other. This is Sony we are talking about. If one could afford a $400 360 back then (1-2 years ago), they can most certainly afford a ps3 at this price.

    You have to decide for yourself on how you plan on utilizing it and for what.A blu-ray movie player or a game machine, or both? Even for the $400 price tag, they are given you more than what you can bargain for.

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    ack84 Guest
    Ok, it seems that perhaps I'm being misinterpreted. I'm not here to question the value that the PS3 offers; what I'm curious about is that, in light of recent developments in the manufacturing of the unit (http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=e...IBM+cell&meta=) have been reported to improve reliability and decrease costs (which offer the opportunity for $ony to either recoup their investment, pass on savings to the consumer, or perhaps both), will such outcomes see the light of day within the next couple of months?

    As a potential customer, I would like to know if there's a possibility of a BETTER revision of this product being released, so that I don't get caught out - wouldn't you? I hope that's cleared the air...

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    IanJ Guest
    Yes it will get better/cheaper in the near future. How near that future is only $ony knows. If they were to tell everyone it's going to be better/cheaper in 6 months time how many people would be buying them now?

    If only I'd hung off for 4 years before buying my PS2 i could have got a much smaller unit for 1/4 of the price....

    I'm not sure if you're looking for us to talk you in or out of buying one. Personally I think if you are into home entertainment in any electronic form then just get one and start enjoying it now!

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    ack84 Guest
    What I'm after, IanJ, is more discussion regarding the new manufacturing techniques for the cell processor, and when we're likely to see PS3's built with them on the shelves...

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