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Thread: Will LV1 CFW allow injecting mods in Game Updates?

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    dumbassmofo904 Guest

    Will LV1 CFW allow injecting mods in Game Updates?

    I have a slim 320gig US on 4.31 OFW.

    From what i understand, 4.31 spoof(?) is a type mask to let you play newer games with 3.55 (the latest available or installable?) CFW? Also that there is no CFW to install on a 4.31 OFW, so i would have to get it flashed (if possible, check with the mchkr deal). I'm assuming I dont have the tools to flash.

    When i'm able to install, a lv1 CFW has no chance of bricking my system from ONE post i read (confirm?).

    My question is will a lv1 CFW allow me to inject mods into GAME UPDATE FILES and is there a simpler way to accomplish this?

    hoping for good (cheap) news, thanks in advance! much respect, sites legit

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    Don1 Guest
    i asked a question as well... all i got was thread closed no answer... no referral... i hope this is different

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    dumbassmofo904 Guest
    ladies and gents, i understand i need to downgrade to 3.55 to install any CFW.

    my only question is- do i need CFW to access game update files, and if so what program does the CFW need? or is there an easier way?

    don i'm sure these guys dont feel like sittin on here answering every question (that theyve probably seen 50 times already) all day. i've read but i cant find any answers to this one question, what i'm saying is the info we are looking for HAS to be out there somewhere. might just have to keep looking. good luck and be easy

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    Erz Guest
    I don't know if this is the answer you looking for but, if you want to update your game data, if you in 3.55/4.30 CFW you can update it via multiman

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    And by the way spoofing is not needed with new CFW anymore they only patch the sfo's. Sony didn't publish new keys since 4.30 for the eboots !

    If you refer to modding/cheating ingame KDS way/tools is the best so far. If you want the easy way you also can use a cheat pkg. Regarding official updates most can be applied via MM natively some need new keys NPDRM keys which is as easy as

    Install: Update (insert game name).pkg
    Copy: Eboot form Update (Insert game name) folder on PS3 to USB stick
    On PC: Change key
    Copy Eboot back

    PS: Only must be done for 1% of the games rest works natively

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    dumbassmofo904 Guest
    thanks yall, really lookin forward to modding skyrim. That game has infinte potential with mods. thanks again.

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