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    Confused [UnAnswered] Will burned PS2 games work on the PS3?

    anyone have any experience playing burned ISOs of PS2 games on their unmodded PS3? since this is my first Sony PS platform, i'm not all that familiar with how this all works, but from what i've read so far, the PS2 needed to be modded, either physically (modchip) or with a Swap Magic disc (SMD).... are we confident that Sony prevented any possible way of making burned PS2 games play on the PS3?

    there are some good titles i'd like to have from the PS2 to play on the PS3 while waiting for more next-gen games to appear!

    sorry if this question has already been answered, i've searched but i'm still a noob with all this, TIA

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    Im pretty sure Sony learned from its mistakes on the ps2 so for now there probably arent any ways to play backups of any ps2 game just yet.

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    Currently there is no way one can play ps2 backups on the ps3. Unless of course it gets modded like the ps2.

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    I have tried burning Gran Turismo 4 to DVD and play on the PS3 but it just recognizes it as a data CD and does not play the game. will have to wait and see!!

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