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Thread: Wii emulator on PS3 help?

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    bigvern1979 Guest

    Wii emulator on PS3 help?

    just wondering if there is an wii emulator for the ps3 or if any clever dev is thinking of making one thanks in advance

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    Azrial Guest
    I doubt the PS3 has the power to run a Wii emulator, it can manage up to a PS2, but anything beyond that I seriously doubt it.

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    elser1 Guest
    haven't heard of anything. just go buy a wii..

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    cashboxz01 Guest
    Wii emulation is pointless on PS3. It would require a top-notch developer to write a code that could fully utilize the PS3 GPU. Better than one who could, first, develop a PS2 software emulator for use on PS3. Expect a PS2 emulator before a Wii emulator for PS3.

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