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    Question [UnAnswered] Wifi on 20gb version?

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    Was wondering if I can make the 20gb version of PS3 wifi? Reason I'm asking is that I got a 20gb, but I don't want to route a 100 foot cable around the house to get to the ps3. I see that linksys has these gaming adapter that came out to use for the PS2 and X-Box.

    Is it possible for me to use that to make my 20gb wireless? If not I'll probably sell the 20gb out and get a 60gb because of the wireless. But I'm hoping that I can use that gaming adapter? Something like the Linksys WGA54G....


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    hmm... interesting... it may or may not work, but you can try the USB wifi adapter maybe it will work or not

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    yea, I can, but I want a clean front on the system. But is it a guarantee to work? I would rather use the ethernet in the back than the USB port up front. I don't mind the linksys module cuz I can hide it behind the ps3 in the cabinet. I want somebody who have the similar set up or already using that set up.

    Right now my ps3 is still unopen because of that. If that linksys module don't work for the ps3, I'll have to get the 60gb instead.... What to do......

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    It's guarenteed to work just fine. As I'm using a wireless game adapter for my 20 gig ps3. Plus you'll have wifi access on Yellow dog linux. You have to be sure if your router supports either wireless B or G or if it accepts both. (other wise you may have compatibility issues. I'm currently using a linksys wireless B game adapter I got for 20 bucks off of ebay and works pretty well.

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    It will work for internet access, but you will not be able to use the Remote Play function with the PSP. That only works with the built-in Wifi function.

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    yea, I just got a psp from my cousin, so I would guess i need to get a 60 instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    hey Desi you said you have a 20GB PS3 and are using a linksys usb wireless adapter, how did you connect online with it? i bought it and the ps3 but i dont know how to configure it. can you help me connect wirelessly? thanks in advance
    I think he said "linksys wireless B game adapter" that's ethernet cross-over to wifi if im not mistaken....not usb to wifi...should get one...but the usb wifi should work in ydl5 (plenty of drivers for it) and I bet a firmware update will make it for the XMB...(YDL5 is public and free as of the 25th)

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    hi everyone im jus wondering if the ps3 20gb could connect to the internet using the psp's wireless? like a portal or something, if anyone has ever done it please let me know thanks...

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    got the same problem, i need my 20gb wireless, is there any adapter so i could use it with my wireless network? got an airport (mac). dont care if it uses a port back or front :-)

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    any1 tried that? does it really work? if so, great! if not, any other ideas?


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