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    gokumaster186 Guest

    Angry why wont gta4 work for me?

    ive sent my ps3 into sony 3 damn times and still aint working, ive decided to ask real people that know what they are talking about. (instead of a loser on the phone sitting on their butts the whole day)

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    Apr 2005


    The obvious question: what is it doing when you try to play it? Is it loading and hanging at some point, or not loading at all, etc?

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    gokumaster186 Guest
    freezes at the cut scene and after the cut scene, also so i cant get past it and i got a 60gig march 07.

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    Apr 2005
    The first thing that pops into most people's heads when they hear freezing with original discs is either if the disc is scratched/dirty or the PS3 laser is... did you try another PS3 game on the same PS3 console and it works fine, only GTA4 freezes?

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    gokumaster186 Guest
    its only gta4 i put cod4 in, nfs carbon, prostreet.its really wierd. and dont send your ps3 into sony, they will juke u!!!

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    idone Guest
    i believe i read something about this stating there was a bad batch of discs, they worked fine on the 80gb sku but are having issues on the 60gb one. I'll try to track down the source of where i read it and post back here if found.

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    gokumaster186 Guest
    so im screwed in short, but i think sony dont want people to have the 1st gen of ps3s (60&20 gig) so they put something in the 40 &80 gigs so they would play.

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