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Thread: Why won't backups seem to load help?

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    VoltManEXE Guest

    Why won't backups seem to load help?

    It doesn't matter which loader I try, and I've tried them all. I end up with the same thing: a black screen from the moment I press 'X'. I've tried MultiMAN, the original PSJailbreak Backup Mangers v 1 and 2, Gaia manger, you name it. I've also tried numerous combinations of loading it from the internal HDD, from an external HDD, having no PS3 disc in the drive, having a disc in the drive, loading it straight from a manager, or being sent back to the XMB and loading it from 'app_home'.

    And, just to be sure I didn't have a bad dump, I backed up another one of my games just to be safe; that also won't run. I've read somewhere that some payloads have backups disabled or something, although I got a payload that was sure to have them enabled, so I don't know whats wrong.

    The game, The Orange Box, was on the compatibility list shown as working, which doesn't make much sense if I can't get this to work. If anyone has any experience with this,

    How can I get backups to run correctly, and what do I need to do so?

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    Natepig Guest
    What jb device and payload are you using?

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    VoltManEXE Guest
    I am using an x3Max, with Hermes v4b. (As for the other payload, which allegedly "restored" backup launching... I tried it, and I believe it was a modified version of Hermes. I can't seem to find it right now, as I went back to Hermes v4b once I figured it wasn't working.) The only payloads I can use are the .hex formatted ones, which is a bit tedious, but if you could point me to the correct .hex payload that would be great.

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    Natepig Guest
    X3max has a payload editor application, you should look on the device manufacturers web page, to find out how to update it to the latest hex.

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    VoltManEXE Guest
    I already have the tool. Updating it isn't the problem. The problem is that I need a specific .hex payload. Problem is, I have no idea what payload this might be. After all, if the games won't work when they are reported to, and a PS3 game that I backed up from one of my own discs won't run. Doesn't that mean backup launching is disabled in the payload itself?

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    dime Guest
    first of all i think you need format your ps3 and then downgrade 3.41 to 3.10 and then upgrade it to 3.41 again, seems that you have a little bug, try to do it..

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    severusx Guest
    Check your firmware version in the Settings section of the XMB. Make sure you are on 3.41. I am personally waiting a little bit for all the bugs in the CFW to get ironed out before I update to 3.55.

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