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    why are most if not all games in 720p? when there's 1080p?

    why are most, if not all games in 720p? when there's 1080p?

    doesn't make sense?

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    Its useless to this time. Most people dont understand what HD or HD-Ready means or even do not have a LCD TV.

    So why should they produce full HD games yet?

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    In addition to resolution, performance issues come into play for programmers. It is a matter of deciding how well a game will perform at 720p vs 1080p. If the same number of poly models can be rendered with no performance loss, then 1080p will certainly be better. But if the number of poly models being rendered at 1080p must be decreased to maintain performance of the game, then 720p may in fact "look" better.

    Also, according to Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers other issues are perceived to be more important than resolution, like Contrast Ratio/Dynamic Range, Color Saturation, and Colorimetry/Color Temperature or Grayscale

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    its a shame really because you get your new snazzy 1080p LCD TV and in reality it is only blu-ray films that take advantage on it and HD channels if you can call them that anyways... especially in the uk. which are just 720p

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    720p is actually enough for games

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    720p is fine for games, at least right now.

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    Ps3 Cant hack it

    when they were designing the ps3 they said that all games would run at 1080p 60 fps how wrong they were....

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    720p could be enought for games but if you play on a big screen >42'' you'll appreciate 1080p

    try playing gt5p with a fullhd big screen and you'll agree with me...


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    sony is a little slow and getting things done. it will come we will build it and it will come. lol

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