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    Onaxis Guest

    Why dont all PS3 games use the PSN system?

    Games that dont use the PSN system:

    - Resistance (uses their own online system)
    - Motorstorm (uses their own online system)
    - Call Of Duty 4
    - Unreal Tournament 3 (uses GameSpy)
    - All EA Games
    - The Orange Box
    - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    - more...

    Games that do use the PSN service:
    - GripShift
    - Tekken 5 Online: Dark Ressurection
    - Go! Puzzle
    - Go! Sudoku
    - Snakeball
    - more...

    Is this why Microsoft charges for Xbox Live so they can pay developers to use the system because every 360 game uses the Live online system.

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    coriacesar Guest
    i wonder too.. i dont like how cod4 is, u cant even have a filter... what gives?!

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    On the flipside of cod4 though, RFOM's online structure was very good, and Warhawk also did the job quite nicely. I think that it's a must for games to display ping when browsing for games. I dont have anything against including matchmaking, but I would also like the option in every game to be able to pick a server manually.

    In fact, RFOM worked so well I would be interested in them releasing some sort of middleware tool that incorporated their structure for all those devs too lazy or underfunded to properly implement a ps3 online infrastructure.

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    amandeep2 Guest
    i think it would be better to use one universal system. i remember on ps2 onlines games you had to make an account for every online game lol

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    Acidox Guest
    I don't get what your getting at here? That they don't use the same servers, or that the PSN features arn't intergrated?

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    loverboifreak Guest
    think of how screwed up things would be if everything used the psn intergration service, besides i think Sony wants to go in a different direction with this than MS.

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    carbs Guest
    the thing is COD 4 is that it always freezes! Whenever I try to connect, it just hangs there! With UT3 or NHL 08, it is normal. What gives?

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