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Thread: Why do you need a modchip?

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    Why do you need a modchip?

    I have been trying to figure out why you need a modchip to play backed up games and I am stumped. Some sites say that its because the region code is not copied when you back up a DVD with DVD decrpytor.

    however, if i open up my copy of King of Fighters XI with DVD decryptor, I can see that every region code is supported. In addition, DVD decryptor tells me that there is no copy protection on the game. However, if I try to play the game on my new 80GB PS3, it does not work, even though the original game works.

    How does the PS3 (and I'm guessing the PS2) tell the difference between an original game and a copied game?

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    Check the link in this post for some info on PS2 discs:

    Specifically, THIS document.

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    wow... very interesting.

    so of course this brings up the next question... how does the modchip bypass the DSV check?

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