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    JAxXBOSS Guest

    Why can a file over 4gb fit on internal but not external?

    I understand that an external fat 32 drive cant handle a single file over 4gb, so why can it fit on an internal? arent they both fat 32?

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    JustaPlaya82 Guest
    Nope they arenīt. Only the external is FAT32

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Of course the internal HDD is on FAT32, too. Internal HDD don't have so rigor restrictions like external things.

    But the exactly reason i dunno why. But I'm also interested whats the reason .

    @ JustaPlaya82 : The internal HDD is also FAT32, PS3 can't handle NTFS.

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    killer124 Guest
    wrong, the internal drive uses EXT3 filesystem... hence the possibility of bigger than 4gb files

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    EiKii Guest
    tbh it CAN'T be FAT32 cause FAT32 CANT handle files bigger then 4gb its restricted, also read it's FAT32 but cant be, then it has to be modified and that would make it something else then FAT32? yes?

    i dunno hopefully soon we will see some other filesystem support when the scene gets rolling

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    flakz0r Guest
    Internal is ext3, not fat32

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    Hellfenix Guest
    Disregard following posters. The PS3's libfs can natively read from the following File Systems:

    HOSTFS, CFS, FAT, DISCFS. The Internal drive is formatted in CFS (Cell File System) which is proprietary to Sony.

    This is directly from the SDK btw.

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    Hellfenix Guest
    It's possible that CFS is a modified version of EXT3, a lot of companies like to give fancy names to small modifications. However I don't see any Lost&Found folder or other EXT3 trademarks at work here so perhaps it's a brand new FS.

    If someone reverses it we could format our drives to that and not be limited to 4G anymore, we could also use DISCFS I guess, this is what they use for bluerays.

    HOSTFS is what they use to map a network drive running SDK tools to the machine directly, sounds sweet for network app installing, hopefully there will be homebrewed versions of something like this

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    What about connecting a drive via internal connection, formatting it with the PS3 format option, then removing the drive and connecting it via USB? Would the PS3 then recognize the drive?

    Of course, the downside is that your computer would no longer read the drive. But assuming it works, at least you could carry your HDD and backup games from different PS3 systems (go to friend's house, backup game to HDD, carry the HDD home), or save a movie to the HDD (movie files can easily go over 4GB, especially HD content) and carry it to another PS3 to play it.

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfenix View Post
    If someone reverses it we could format our drives to that and not be limited to 4G anymore, we could also use DISCFS I guess, this is what they use for bluerays.
    I don't believe the PS3 supports Cell FS via USB. I've tried attaching the drive to the internal SATA connector, formatting it, then removing it and attaching it to external USB and the PS3 doesn't recognize it. Possibly there is a flag that restricts the drive from being attached externally, but it might be hard coded into the PS3's firmware to reject it.

    As for DISCFS, I believe that is UDF 2.50 which is something I wanted to try a long time ago, but I couldn't find any software that was capable of formatting a hard drive as that. It is possible though as there is a commercial package which does it. Unfortunately, that package is expensive and unavailable through cheaper means.

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