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    [UnAnswered] Who's Upgrading?

    Who's actually updating to 1.51 since the last special note has been released by paradox? I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid or not but I still feel unsure about upgrading since I've been on 1.32 for so long.

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    i went to 1.50 for def jam

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    Once U upgrade, can U downgrade to a specific FW?

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    Haha upgrade to 1.5 and stay at that, and then it's really psp all over again. I am staying at 1.32 until further notice. I don't doubt them, but I don't plan on doing much more with ps3 until the loader is out. What's a few more weeks gonna hurt if the loaders coming out very soon they're saying.

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    straight from the NFO.
    ... Actually all games up to now work without any update At least work fine on 1.32
    I still have 1.00 on mine, until a non-vaporware version of the loader comes out Its not going any higher.

    If you upgrade past 1.32 its your own fault :-D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cez View Post
    If you upgrade past 1.32 its your own fault :-D.
    Agreed 100% PDX specifically warned me when this was released that although you can update past 1.32 (to 1.50/1.51) it's NOT recommended because with each update you are more and more limited/restricted on what you'll be able to do in the future.

    Just as an example, they may have found in 1.51 that it blocks the hole used for their Loader, but found another hole which can be used to downgrade a 1.51 to 1.32. This is just a hypothetical example illustrating how 1.51 users wouldn't be 'screwed' but they would not be as 'safe' as a 1.32 user. By safe, I mean if a 1.32 Loader surfaces they may have to wait until a downgrader that doesn't make $600 bricks comes along to use it.

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    I updated to 1.51. If I have to wait a little longer for a compatible loader then I will. If I have to wait for a downgrader then I will. Although there may be "More" holes in 1.32, PDX said that 1.51 didnt stop them which means that as of this moment they have a working way to get the loader running. Im fairly certain that if PDX could not get it to work properly they would have told us not to upgrade.

    There is always a risk, but then again what isnt when your hacking the PS3?

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    I guess I might have misinterpreted when I read that we could update to 1.51 "without worry". It seems I have reason to worry now.

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    Well, the worry is just like BlueWizard said... there is still a way with 1.50/1.51, it just may take longer (the "fewer holes" part). On the other hand, it may not... only PDX knows for sure! It would be cool if someone else got a PS3 TIFF type exploit working as well though, this way there would be an even greater chance of rapid progress.

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    Thanks for the reply PS3News, the whole point of me starting this thread was so it could've eventually gotten to you lol.

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