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    It would be cool if someone else got a PS3 TIFF type exploit working as well though, this way there would be an even greater chance of rapid progress.
    The only problem here is that someone might release a bad FW or program that would brick the PS3. It's wise for everyone to just stay updated on the news and find the legit applications. I was in the same boat when the PSP came out and since then there are a million ways to brick the PSP and a few ways to successfully hack it. With 600 bucks on the line, I will be even more careful.

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    I've upgraded. An iso loader is ok, but pointless really unless you have a very big HDD installed or this thing can work across a lan. Online functionality would also be required and I don't think your going to get away with being online and having a lower firmware version.

    Plus I have to format my PS3 HDD full of videos/saves to install either linux or CJ's SAK just to dump these images. Too much hassle for me, I'll wait for a mod chip and see whats what then.

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    Look here is what is going to happen. The Loader will be released, and the villager will rejoice. Sony will catch wind up this and will force a FW upgrade someway somehow, most likely via a game. The "scene" will then hit back with a downgrader and then the cat and mouse game will continue. This is going to be exactly like the PSP scene. So really the bottom line is that if you upgrade you FW you wont "may" not be able to use the loader right away but the bottom line is that very shortly after you will have no issue because FW will become a mute point once the inevitable downgrader is released.

    I wouldnt stress it ladies and gents. Upgrade your systems play the games you want and wait an extra week or two to get a compatible loader. Whats the worst thing that happend you have to rent games for an extra week? Besides nothing great is coming out in the very near future. And if need be get a 360 and upgrade the drive FW and play GRAW2 until a loader comes out, that game kicks.

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    lol.. thank god theres no ps3 games that are worth upgrading for...glad i purchased def jam for 360..

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    Hey, i got a lil question. Do anyone know which FW the PS3 at release in EU have?

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    I'm sure I read they will have 1.50, only time will tell though.

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    im at 1.32, but i also feel skeptical of upgrading, although i want to play online, the message in the rls seemed to say that 1.32 is easier and can play all games, unlike 1.51+. but thats just how i interpreted it

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    Good interpretation, However if PDX had said it will be more difficult, or less features available if we upgrade then I would not have. I look at it like they tested 1.51 and found they can still use the loader with it no matter what.

    Since the loader is the big topic, I look at it like 1.51 is safe, even if a few extra steps are required to get it working.

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    i didn't want to upgrade at first because i wanted to wait for the loader. Then when i couldn't get online to play resistance i had to upgrade. i couldn't just let my $600 console sit there waiting for a loader. Then i got motostorm and i couldn't not playing this game online. Hopefully the loader works on 1.54 but if not oh well.

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