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    bigboyent4 Guest

    Question Who's Ready for GTA IV

    who's ready for the up coming GTA IV?

    i am so ready! what's the first thing your going to do when it is released April 29?

  2. #2
    VendeTTaa Guest
    I don't think I'm ready; for how awesome it's going to be!

    hehe, I'm holding out for it, trying desperatly to get all these other games finished. Just hoping it lives up to the hype I have in my head.

  3. #3
    SpiritchaseR Guest
    I am. First thing Ill do is looking for the highest accessable building and have a look at LC... and take the fastest way down.

  4. #4
    Xisuma Guest
    gonna take a week off work to play it!

  5. #5
    raze88 Guest
    Can't stand my readiness!

    I'm still waiting for the official announce of a GTA 4 bundle from Sony.

  6. #6
    gpiteira Guest
    I already saved the necessary money to buy GTA IV...i'm hoping that it will be The Game not only a regular game.

  7. #7
    GtaUK Guest
    i can't wait for gta iv.. i've got it pre ordered and hopefully it will arrive a few days before

  8. #8
    khan8 Guest
    Dude this game will be so awesome. First thing I'm going to do.... play the first 2 missions so I get used to the game and then go online and kill some people. Then roam around killing cops.

  9. #9
    cofn Guest

    Im Ready!!!

    Sorta... I have neevr played any of the GTA series, but this one actually looks interesting. PRe-ordered it for my kid (because hey, it comes with a friggin safty deposit box!!)

  10. #10
    daveatcky Guest
    im ready for it but not really excited, there is a lot of great games out for ps3 already so its kinda took the shine of GTA IV for me.

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