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    [UnAnswered] Who got a PS3 on US Launch, Post Here

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    I'm just curious. Post your stories about launch campouts, what happened, etc. I have a Japanese release unit that I paid double retail for so I don't count.

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    I do... posted about it in the Site News too!

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    I got one on launch, ill chime in more later.

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    Well after 2 days of cold weather I ended up with a 60 gig and an extra controller and tony hawk. I am glad its over last night was real cold. I had all the camping goodies air mattress tent u name it, well the first night the security guard came by and said all tents need to come down or we have to go... So they did, but I had my air mattress and sleeping bag... shortly after the tents came down I heard a crack of thunder and lightning then a down poor... the thunder was so loud the ground shook... the restaurant near by had the alarm triggered due to the thunder, which went off till 9:30am the next morning which is about when I found out my air mattress would not hold air...

    So to make a long story short I spent some time with some of the nicest people I have ran across one guy had a TV which made a huge difference. After all that cold wind and rain and Barny the security guard I get my PS3 and now my wife wants me to sell on ebay..... well this was not my intentions and am still on the limb about it. but I just thought I would share a few min of my time in line for the ps3... Ill save you the drum stick guy story and I'm sure you all were offered 1-8 hundred bucks to sell your spot to some guy that thought he would show up an hour or 2 before the doors opened... and I did have another guy who consistently kept saying to me "You better hope your credit card works cause if not I'm buying yours... along with a few other choice words)... funny what threatening someone with a grill of a BMW will do...

    Any way I have not opened the box yet... not until wife says go for it or sell it for sure... (killing me)

    hope your time was safe and you didn't have any trouble.

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    Just tell your wife Ebay is saturated with PS3s and the price has gone down to almost retail and isnt worth selling

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    I got one, I've been playing it/taking tests in school all day so I haven't spent as much time as I'd wish with it. We should make some sort of ps4news.com friend network. The only buddy I have is my friend back home who got one as well.

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    It was awesome i got there at walmart at 11am with 7 people in front of me. Knowing they had 12 numbers on seats and no confirmed number of units. Then the manager says he has to 60gbs there and expecting 6 20gbs from ups in the afternoon. Well 10 of us would of gotten rain checks for 60gbs on the next delivery sony sent. Well were all settled in and the manager is cool and lets us in the layaway and weve been inside all day ne ways. Well they gave us dunkin donuts, tv and movies. We hang out with our numbers all around the store. Playing guitar hero 2, and other things and looking at the fake ps3. Well come 9:45pm we have to pack up to the hall again. O and no delivery of the 6 20gbs. Well come 2 mins before the store closed. Fedex shows up! We open the door and ask is there anything from sony. He's like 6. There 6 60gbs! Well I was 8th so the first 6 obviously got the 60gbs and me and another lady got the 20's. My bros got 2 rainchecks for the 60gbs which we should be getting in about a week guaranteed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    Just tell your wife Ebay is saturated with PS3s and the price has gone down to almost retail and isnt worth selling
    You may have something there... but the news makes it hard to do with all those bogus 10K and such listings.

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    I got mine from Japan to so i dont count, but im still going to tell you that i didn't do anything for it, i only paid it

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    i got one...

    yay i got one!!! check it out.
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