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    I got the first 2 PS3's at Circuit City, started camping at around 5:30pm Tue.
    we had great weather up until Thur. then it rained all day and turned to snow at night with very high winds, had to purchase pop up tent for the last day and night. CC only had 6-60 GB so we had a very small group of people, everyone was great! It was probably one of the dumbest things I have ever done, but it was fun and memorable, we played PSP games thru the night watched re-runs of "Lost" even went into the store to try out the new games on XBOX 360, oh and CC even had a public restroom we could use Came away with 2- PS3 one extra controller and 3 games Resistance, Ridge Racer 7, and Call of Duty I plan on having a raffle at work for one of the PS3's and choice of RR or Call of Duty game to go with.

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    I started the line wed. morning I got to my local walmart @ 12:00a.m. It was 4 of us we all got 60 gigs.

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    Well, I wasn't there on launch, but I just won a 60GB PS3 on eBay for $900, comes with extra controller, and Resistance game, And that Blue-Ray Will Ferrell movie, oh and of course the receipt for warranty, with free shipping and insurance.

    I figure I did well, compared to the ungodly amount of money I've seen them go for on eBay.

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    You did VERY well, you probably didn't even overpay at all and he might barely break even after ebay takes their whack of the money.

    Enjoy the PS3!

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    Okay I went to best buy the friday before christmas to get some gift cards. The guy greating at the front had a PS3 box sitting there. I asked him if they had PS3's in right now. He said they just got some in over by the video games sign. So me and my girl friend walked over there and sure enough. they had about 15 60 gig PS3's I grabbed one and my girl friend grabbed one. The guy said they just got them in about 30 minutes ago. And they were going quick.

    So i called my girl friends dad and asked if he wanted me to get one for him, since hes a big gamer, and he didn't even hesitate. asked "how much" and then said "get it". So we did.

    I've been playing every day since

    Thank god I got the 60 gig, didn't realize it had compact flash sd and memory stick slots.

    cant wait for home brew

    Someone needs to dump a demo game from the hard drive and figure out how they work. then get the real game dumps to look like a downloaded game!

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    That's a great idea about the demo dumps... I haven't seen or heard anyone trying that.

    I waited in line from Wednesday, Nov. 15th at a Wal-Mart. No #1 and I still had to get a rain check. I picked it up later that afternoon, but picked up my pre-sale from Gamestop that morning at 8:30am. So, I picked up two. Sold one on scam-bay for $1175.00... $75.00 of that went back to fees...

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    I would've gotten my earlier but the jerk at GameCrazy thought that I would sell on ebay so he skipped my turn a few times, until I confronted the a-hole and got my PS3..and no I'm not selling it

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    Haha I got to walmart about 20 hours before they went on sale, the manager let us wait inside and I got a 20 and a 60 gig. No sweat.

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    i got a 20 gig at the bestbuy rampage and started playing nba 2k7 with my little brother. He couldnt make his freethrows cuase he was usin a dualshock 2.

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    waited in line in front of bestbuy for about 12 hours and it was raining to make things worse! But I got one and I'm glad I did!

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