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    Quote Originally Posted by kizman View Post
    yay i got one!!! check it out.
    Congrats, how long did you stand in line ?

    P.S. What do you guys think of those ( awfull.ugly.strange ) clear cases.
    P.S.S Donate me 300C XD - please ?
    P.S.S.S The got a strange size too.

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    me and my buddies are pooling on ebay after he won a lottery at kmart. Last time I checked they've still been dropping on ebay for an average of around $2,000.00

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    too tempted for those who are willing to sell, I opened it and man it looks real nice and shiny (60 Gig)
    popped in Resistance and Untold Legends at my friends store S Video and boy it looks nice

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    noooo.... i shouldnt have looked at this thread!!!!

    the ps3 doesnt come to my country (singapore) until next year!!! noooo...... im so jealous of you guys..

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    What I'm wondering is those of you who stood (or sat) in line alone, how did you goto the toilet without losing your place lol?

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    Walked into my GS at about 7PM Friday night and picked up my 60GB PS3 and Resistance

    Quote Originally Posted by sniper78 View Post
    It was awesome i got there at walmart at 11am with 7 people in front of me. Knowing they had 12 numbers on seats and no confirmed number of units. Then the manager says he has to 60gbs there and expecting 6 20gbs from ups in the afternoon. Well 10 of us would of gotten rain checks for 60gbs on the next delivery sony sent. Well were all settled in and the manager is cool and lets us in the layaway and weve been inside all day ne ways. Well they gave us dunkin donuts, tv and movies. We hang out with our numbers all around the store. Playing guitar hero 2, and other things and looking at the fake ps3. Well come 9:45pm we have to pack up to the hall again. O and no delivery of the 6 20gbs. Well come 2 mins before the store closed. Fedex shows up! We open the door and ask is there anything from sony. He's like 6. There 6 60gbs! Well I was 8th so the first 6 obviously got the 60gbs and me and another lady got the 20's. My bros got 2 rainchecks for the 60gbs which we should be getting in about a week guaranteed.
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    well, I got on line in NYC at Circuit City in Union Square,for the raffle, from a local radio station. Was on line since 6:30 waiting for the form to fill for the raffle. Had to stand out in the rain that came on and off, waiting for the guy to bring more forms for the crowd to fill out. Waited til 10PM that is when they started the raffle drawing. Local Radio Station was giving out 100 PS3. Still the rain kept coming. Finally 10PM came more like 10:15 when they started calling out the first 10 names, the crowd was of at least 2000 people! It basically wrapped around the block!!! Round 11ish I thought I heard my name being called, it was called again and again, for like four times! Til I finally realized that It was me! I was confused and shocked at the same time!

    Well Long story short the 100 winners walked out with the 20gb edition and not the 60gb, on the release paper it stated that the value is $599. I myself got the 20gb free! Picked up Resistance:FOM can't wait to try it out today!

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    You bet I did! Got the first PS on the launch day, got PS2 on the launch day, keeping the flow going, baby!

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    got my PS3 yesterday morning at Best Buy. I got there at 8:30 pm on wednesday night I was # 9 in line. it was cold as hell but it wasn't too terribly bad. luckily for me I live in alabama so there wasn't the crazy crowds like cali or NY. so far so good with the system I'm enjoying it it looks good on the HD and I love talladegga nights. Who all's playing resistance: FOM. love it.

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    Resistance is a great game

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