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Thread: Who can access the Playstation store help?

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    gregl Guest

    Who can access the Playstation store help?

    There is a 3D Add-On available for Ridge Racer 7 on the playstation store. It is FREE. This isn't a normal update so you can't get it the normal way. You need to install the 1.01 patch update and then download this 3d add-on from the playstation store.

    However I have no way of getting on the store to find the link to this to download. Its called "Ridge Racer 7 3D License Ver"

    Can someone who has access to the playstation store. Please go on with a ps3 proxy app running so you can grab the link for this download and post here. Its free so won't cost anything.

    Theres no other way to get it is there ? And you can't use mediago that only lets you get psp content.

    Thanks. Its not in the ps3 psn links or debug links either.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest

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    gregl Guest
    Yeah its not on that list but its on the playstation store. So someone needs to access the playstation store from there ps3 thats on latest firmware. Use a proxy on there pc to intercept the download link. Then post it

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    CJPC Guest
    PS3 Debug Links

    It's now right at the top, the Stereo 3d patch for Ridge Racer - enjoy!

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