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    dekaspace Guest

    Where to start on PS3 custom firmware help?

    I havent used it in 2 years. just bought a 3.41 system (no idea if it was downgraded though)

    I basically wanted some opinions on what to do, if possible I want to go online though that may be almost impossible and play backup games from internal mainly (though have external drive too) and play ps1 and ps2 games (its a 60 gig ps3) but they are imported and if possible want to play from hard drive since some games don't work well on my emulator and want to play them on crt too.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    So first of all CFW and online will not work well for long time so you first must choose if you want an CFW PS3 or a online PS3.

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    krazyone Guest
    heyy... please help me... i have a ps3 phat 160gig with v4.41 software... it has never been jailbroken before... could you give me a step by step tut on how to jailbreak it? thanks

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    First install Rebug 3.55.4 from XMB on top of OFW 3.41, then extract your eEid Root Key if you ever want to convert to DEX and then install Rebug 4.41.2 by following the guide below:

    1- Make NOR/NAND dump (optional):

    Install latest version of multiMAN (4.40.00), plug in a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive into the right USB port, launch multiMAN under Games and go to mmOS > Press [O] on any file > Open in HEX viewer > Press [SELECT] > Press [START] > Export GameOS LV2: Select No > Export HV LV1: Select No > Export FLASH: Select Yes

    2- Install Rebug 4.41.2 from XMB:

    Download Rebug 4.41.2, verify the md5 hash, rename the PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP, put it on your FAT32 formatted flash drive in PS3\UPDATE, go to System Update and Update via Storage Media. Make sure there's NO original game disk in the drive and that you DON'T Update via Internet or else you would risk installing OFW higher than 3.55!

    3- Enable QA:

    Install Rebug Toolbox from Package Manager, launch it under Games, go to Utilities and enable QA. This is to ensure easier and safer downgrading.

    Make sure you use the latest version of mM (4.40.00) because it's the only Backup Manager compatible with 4.41 CFW.

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    hermano80 Guest
    Hi! I have a couple of questions:

    1) Would upgrading to Rogero 4.40 v.1.03 fix my problem with not being able to play new BluRay discs?

    2) If changing from dongle CFW to Rogero, would I lose the games currently saved on internal HDD? Would my ripped games from CFW work with new Multiman on Rogero?

    3) What is advantages of switching from it to Rogero 4.31? As new games such as Tomb Raider still works on my dongle. Are you saying I don’t need the dongle with Rogero 4.31?

    My current environment:

    3.55 – Version 4.11 Dongle v2.7

    Also, to quickly confirm, to update to Rogero I will:

    1) Switch back to Kmeaw v.355 CFW – do I need to delete Multiman and all other pkg’s first??
    2) Do the Toggle QA (haven’t looked at the steps yet)
    3) Install Rogero 4.40 CFW.
    4) Install new Multiman version.

    Thanking you in advance!

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    1. Yes, but I recommend Rebug 4.41.2 instead of Rogero 4.40 v1.03
    2. No you wouldn't lose your games and Yes the games will still work on 4.xx CFW, but you might have to unpatch patched games.
    3. The advantages of switching to 4.xx CFW is that you wouldn't have to look for eboot patches anymore. Games and game updates would work out of the box. Yeah you wouldn't need a dongle on 4.xx CFW. You don't need it on 3.55 CFW either, I'm not sure why you're still using it.

    Just follow my guide above to update to Rebug 4.41.2

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    dekaspace Guest
    Cheers for that, I am a little crazy but I can find 4.31 firmware but not 4.41 CFW and I guess its the REX firmware I need.

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    Apr 2005

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    maddox78 Guest
    Was up people. I'm new to Jailbreaking/hacking the ps3. what do I need to be able to install CFW and still be able to use my ps3? I'm a bit lost on the process.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Please start your own post for help. And I or someone else would be more than willing to help. Thanks.

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