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    mikerock98 Guest

    Where is the Locked Save data in PS3 FTP Program

    Ok, I have no problem copying games from my PC to my PS3 and vice versa... The problem im having is finding the directory where the locked saved data is: I have no problem copying the saved data to a USB drive, but that is the unlocked data...

    Locked data games like UFC, and Spiderman Shattered Dimensions i cant save the data to a usb drive...

    I read where people say the data is in Saved data folder but i cant find it in the game folder or the gamez folder.....Ive looked in both the /Dev_hdd0/Game/? and /Dev_hdd0/Game/LAUN12345/Gamez/ ? and both locations have no game saved data for the gameid's in question?

    Please can someone help, my 4 year old son is gonna be devistated if i cant rip this data from our older PS3 to our new Move Bundle PS3...


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    CJPC Guest
    Save data if i recall is in /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/ (where 00000001 is your user id) then there is a folder labeled, of all things "savedata"!

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    mikerock98 Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply... That is the place.

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