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Thread: Where did 100GB of internal HDD space go help?

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    itwalksamongus Guest

    Where did 100GB of internal HDD space go help?


    I have a 160Gb internal drive. I have one game installed, uncharted 3, and some PSN games, about 11gb all up. Game data and updates maybe total of 2 gb.

    Problem is, I only have 3 gb of free space!! So what happened to the missing 90-100gb??


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    connormcl Guest
    I also have had this happen to me. It seems if you copy and delete a lot with filemanagers, the ps3 filesystem is not updated correctly.

    The only option you have is to reformat your hdd from time to time to reset it to full capacity.

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    chapsanov Guest
    Maybe you use multiple manager (so the game installed in different folder) you can check by Multiman.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    rebuild the database through the recovery menu will sort it out, there's no need to format.

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    itwalksamongus Guest

    Where did 100GB of internal HDD space disappear? SOLVED

    Hi everyone, after trying everything, i finally figured it out..

    in my multiman game folder there was a folder called game_cache . It had all my missing space, i deleted that and now I have the free space I thought I should have.

    problem solved! but out of curiosity, why did this happen?

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    I will leave this open another 1-2 days, if nobody replies it will be closed and marked answered.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Pretty sure that's the folder where multiman copies split files to reassemble from USB backups that have files larger than 4GB (split into parts). There's an option in multiman to clear the cache though so just use that every now and again to stop it happening again.

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