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    Question Where can I find PS3 game saves

    Does anyone know a good place to get PS3 games saves?

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    Welcome wswhitt to PS3NEWS.COM

    Try this one out and you can just google "ps3 game saves" also to find more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wswhitt View Post
    Does anyone know a good place to get PS3 games saves?

    try this site!!!

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    Thanks, I've got NFS pro street and don't want to bother going through to unlock everything so that head to head is half decent to play

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    All games that use trophies also use save files that are locked to PSN username right? Is there any way around that problem yet? It would be nice to have a way to use other people's saves from those games, even if it meant you couldn't get trophies yourself (without using your own save file).

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    You can also go to, look up the game, then click on the 'Saves' tab to grab a game save, if there exists one for the game.

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