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    wswhitt Guest

    Question Where can I find PS3 game saves

    Does anyone know a good place to get PS3 games saves?

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    Starlight Guest
    Welcome wswhitt to PS3NEWS.COM

    Try this one out http://www.ps3savegame.com/ and you can just google "ps3 game saves" also to find more.

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    lonix81 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wswhitt View Post
    Does anyone know a good place to get PS3 games saves?

    try this site!!!

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    wswhitt Guest


    Thanks, I've got NFS pro street and don't want to bother going through to unlock everything so that head to head is half decent to play

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    endlessflood Guest
    All games that use trophies also use save files that are locked to PSN username right? Is there any way around that problem yet? It would be nice to have a way to use other people's saves from those games, even if it meant you couldn't get trophies yourself (without using your own save file).

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    You can also go to GameFAQs.com, look up the game, then click on the 'Saves' tab to grab a game save, if there exists one for the game.

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