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    [UnAnswered] Where to buy a PS3 and how to identify firmware version on the box.

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    Hi all I need some help. First I would like to know where to buy a PS3 in the US and for how much?

    I found Walmart 60GB has it for $599

    Costco has the PS3 + controller and Genji game for ??? (please le t me know what this retails for) or if I should just buy the PS3 at walmart.

    Secondly how can you identfiy FW version from the box as this is sure to be an issue soon like we had to deal with back in the day when we got our 1.5 firmware PSP's.

    Thanks for you help on this.

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    There is no way (currently) to identify the PS3 FW from the box... unlike PSP unfortunately. We've compared (2) boxes, one from a 1.00 and one from a 1.10 stock PS3, and both had the same info/codes on them.

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    Man i wish i took pictures of the 3 PS3's just sitting at walmart today. But i guess this would not help unless I bought them all to find out their firmware versions.

    Any chance you know how much the costco bundle goes for? I like their return policy better and I am willing to wait until the have them in stock if the price is right.

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    If anyone is still seeking a PS3, they are now in stock at BestBuy online HERE.

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    I also saw that costco bundle in stock for $699 so for another 100 you get a controller and that Genji game and the abilty to return the system whenever you want... I am not sure that is worth another 100 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    If anyone is still seeking a PS3, they are now in stock at BestBuy online HERE.
    I picked up a 2nd PS3 from Bestbuy.com. It arrived yesterday and I fired it up today. It came with firmware version 1.31. I was kind of hoping it would have been one of the unopened returns from an ebayer with an earlier version but sounds like we're ok with 1.32 and under *crosses fingers.


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