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Thread: whats wrong with my ps3???

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    mairsy7 Guest

    whats wrong with my ps3???

    i was in a chat and the ps3 froze and shut itself down, i tried turning on, it went green and then flashed a dull grey colour and then continued to flash red. i did not get a yellow light. i turnd it all off.

    i left it for 30mins and tried again, turnd on fine, left it on xmb and started to send a few messages, it froze again after around 15mins and the same thing happend. i have not tried it again as of yet. does anyone know what this light means? i cant find anything about a dull grey light on the internet. thanks people.

    my ps3 sadly died, i have the yellow light now and the best thing is sony wont do anything as its a US model and i am in UK. well sony if you did not want people to import them then why the F did you make the power supply work in all regions.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I myself have never heard of a grey LED color coming up or even a yellow. I am not sure that even if you did use a UK power cable that fits the power supply I dont know if it is wise to do this. This is because even though the voltage might be right but the clock rate might be different. I remember because when I installed an eyetoy as a webcam the driver installed asked if it was a UK/ASIA eyetoy due to a different clock rate used.. This is because certain area use different fps in their tv's so it requires a different clock rate. Its all because of the NTSC and PAL standards being different. But this is just a theory.

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    mairsy7 Guest
    yea my ps3 has been fine for over a year, i imported it as there was no need for a voltage converter or anything. then out of nowhere it just decides 2 die. sad really. well does anyone no when the 80gb is out in the UK? bundles aswell? i think i will pick that 1 up. best to have a UK model when in the UK

    does anyone know a way of fixing it? opening it up and sorting something. sony do something so what do they do. lol

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    pacific808 Guest
    Its hard to say when bundles are gonna start popping up in other regions. I know sony is focusing right now on getting a large base in south america. So I believe most of their focus on production is going there and then gonna level out and produce more for US and UK again. But you can also hope that the bundles come out in your area after they completely phase out the 40gb model.

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    devil24g Guest
    have you tried to reset the ps3 by hold the power button?

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    mairsy7 Guest
    yea mate i tried to reset but it wont have none of it. got pro evo stuck inside and wont let me ejecy either. its dead!! the 80gb is out on friday here so am gona pick that 1 up. now i just have to have my psn account refreshed by sony so i can redownload everything i paid for on the store coz to many people have activated it. man i hope none of you get the yellow light of death.

    make sure u always clean ur ps3, give it plenty of room to breath. i was in a chat when mine just turned itself off. overheated?? i dont think so. it also had plenty of room to circulate air. the yellow light just happens, hardware or sofware failiure? only sony has the answer. now i have a 60gb ps3 just sat there dead.

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    tidus128 Guest
    actually this is kinda scary what if it happens to me

    hope not...

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    mairsy7 Guest
    when i get my ps3 friday can i just put my 60gb hardrive from my broken ps3 into my 80gb ps3 without formatting it?? shpild be fine should it not?? its just so i can get my game saves off. also will my trophys be lost or are they attatched to your online id? thanks!

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    pacific808 Guest
    I don't know if you can do that. I do know that the data is encrypted but I don't know if the decrypt key is different for every ps3. But you can try. And if you want to transfer your data from the 60gb to 80gb if your 60gb can be read from your new ps3 do a backup and then pop in the 80gb and do a restore.

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    normanD Guest
    actually you can, but dude the smartest thing you can do is just copy all of your saves to a flash drive and then when you get your new ps3 up and running, just copy them all over. Any install files that you have will, of course, need to be reinstalled.

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