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Thread: Whats the status quo?

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    shell65 Guest

    Question Whats the status quo?

    Hello everybody!

    Like a lot of people out there i'm wondering when the first real "hack" will be released for the PS3. But i don't want to annoying you with the usual questions like: is a loader out there? Huh?!

    I simply wanted to know some details.

    As i have understood on PS3 TEST Units, it has been found a way to play a game backup, but not as mounting an iso. itself, like on Daemon Tools, but on patching 2 Files, which are clearly in the Iso too (i dont remember exactly the names). My question is in which direction is dev. work now going, are they trying to program a converting routine, so that a normally buyed Retail machine will become a Test Unit? or are they going a totally new way to find e hole/bug in the Retails itselves.

    My second question is: A few PS3 games have been already released as iso. file, but more and more it seems that they will be useless without the patching, so my question is, the game patching is it a standard procedure or is it a singular procedure for each game.

    At least, a question to the mod. What's your feeling saying to you, when will it be done. I ask you, because i think you got simply the most experience, but everyone else who has a good know how is invited to answer the question.

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    MetalmanPS3 Guest
    Good questions, I wish to know this type of information as well...hopefully one day the ps3 will be as easy as the ps3 to backup and play games etc.

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    Bakke Guest
    As far as I know, the TEST PS3 version has a built-in BD emulator, despite the fact that version couldn't load blu-rays at all. For the other hand, let's remember we can't run backups out of the PS3 HDD. Remember the filesystem limitation and NTFS doesnt work on it (for this moment of course).

    My guess is that the console wouldn't run backups out a hacked firmware, but will probably do from a modchip just like the ps2 did, as long as it tricks the TITLEID and possible SELF encryption checks

    Anyways, good luck sceners ;P

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