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    Red Face [UnAnswered] Whats the difference?

    ok ok i know you guys are going to make fun of me lol but ive got to know the answer to this...see, im a windows kinda girl so i dont know diddly about linux or other os! I have a ps3 and i want to fix it up with a different os like everyone else, the only thing is i see all these releases (like fedora 5, yellow dog, Debian Live Linux) and i wanted to ask:

    what is the difference???
    what is most recent???
    what is the best????

    ive been dying to ask this and finally got the courage to do so hahahahaha ok well thanks, im sure ill learn a whole lot now! you guys always help me when i need it.....

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    All depends on your experience with linux, which isn't too extensive I guess. To be fair, I've had about the same experience with it so i'm barely an expert.

    The debian live cd theoretically speaking runs purely off the cd without requiring you to install the OS, and it still works reasonably well.

    Yellow dog, from what i understand, seems to be the OS of choice for the ps3.

    Fedora Core 5 is something different to the both of them, i'd recommend the live cd first so you can see if you can get to grips with that and then move on from there.

    Linux is quite different to windows and is largely much more command orientated, rather than doing practically everything via a user interface.

    google either of the 3 distro's for more info.

    google fedora core 5 ps3 and you are bound to get some opinions No doubt some of the people on here have it installed, however i dont. Only had my ps3 about two weeks or so.

    I'm uk based so thats still earlier than expected

    New to the forums btw! So hi!

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    I burned the debian live cd, and popped it into my ps3 and i got folders lol

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to get this live cd rolling?? lol like i said im a windows chic but dying to learn this stuff hahaha

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    Yes there is.

    I'll let you know what it is later

    At work at the moment, suprised im multitasking enough to type this.

    On the phone at the same time

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