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Thread: What's the deal with PSN JB releases?

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    ecchichuu Guest

    What's the deal with PSN JB releases?

    I've seen some PSN games being released like Ratchet Booty and Gunstar, and then there are others that haven't been released like Sonic 4.

    How do you 'rip' a PSN game so it can be released for jailbreak, and why does it only work for certain PSN games?

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    h0bbit Guest
    No "retail" PSN games work. There's licensing issues that have not been working around as of yet.

    The games that you DO see happen to be Demo versions with debug patches installed. In a lot of cases, putting the debug game patch on top of a demo version of a PSN game will make it work as a full version. Sometimes it does not work. That's why you only see some released.

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