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Thread: what's that 1000x1000 on jap. ps store?

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    gokumaster186 Guest

    Exclamation what's that 1000x1000 on jap. ps store?

    i've noticed that when i was in there and since i'm lazy, i dont know japanese

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    Cammarratta Guest
    Its a thing to win money or something, to celebrate there being 10 thousand or something jap psn accounts.

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    gokumaster186 Guest
    huh.. i made a new account and theres some more registration things than before

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    Cammarratta Guest
    I dont understand japanese either, but im sure there are places you can find to help you.

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    Apr 2005
    Correct, in our past Site News there is an article on how to set up a JAP PSN account with a guide and video even telling you what fields to fill in/click on, etc.

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