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    Question What type of hard drive can I put in my hardrive

    i know its a laptop hardrive but what kind and how much is a 250gb

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    Things like this belong in the Newbie section, any 1-sentence questions, etc. I will move it now for you... just letting you know.

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    Full guide to PS3 Hard Drive upgrades found here:

    List of computable drives from found here:

    You should PROBABLY start checking out Sony's site on standard questions like these, since this is not a "hack" or unwanted modification.

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    I just switched to 300GB Seagate Momentus 2.5inch SATA

    All was worked fine, switch was done in 10 minutes, plus extra Backup/Restore over 2 hours.

    Price what I paid for HDD is around 130USD.

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    2.5 " Laptop hard drives are what will fit into the ps3. If you are looking to use a 3.5" desktop hard drive I believe executer has made an adapter for the ps3.

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    I read the spec of a Ps3 hdd is 5400 Rpm but If you put in your console one of 7200 Rpm, may you have a temp problem?? or only is rumors?

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    just make sure u buy a SATA type hard disk

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    laptop HDD

    5400 RPM, FAT 32
    Samsung is not recommended.

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