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Thread: what are trophies?

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    chrismaster Guest

    Arrow what are trophies?

    how to win trophies??

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I think what you are trying to ask is "What are trophies and how do I get/win them".

    Well in response to that, Trophies are the PS3 equivalentto the Xbox360s Achievements Trophies are awarded for players obtaining certain milestones or achievements in games. For now the only game that supports Trophies is Super Stardust HD however, many coming soon games are likely to incorporate Trophies into the games although SONY has not many it compulsory. Likewise, only a select few of the older PS3 titles are planned to be patched to include Trophies.

    For a full breakdown on the trophies included in SSHD then check out this thread.

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    Nickd009 Guest
    I've heard that all the new game have to incorperate trophies.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nickd009 View Post
    I've heard that all the new game have to incorperate trophies.
    If you can find me a reliable statement or quote then fair enough but, speculation just doesn't contend.

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    goldenone Guest

    i bet warhawk would be one of the first to add it.

    They seem to be on top of updating there game. I dont really play it, but i must say they show more interest in there game than any other company so far.

    I just thought it was kinda funny they didnt have patches for some of the games ready for this update and trophies. But yes they are right, they will start to use it more as time goes on. There has been nothing that i have read that has said they have to add trophies to all new games. we will see tho.

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    tallen Guest
    Trophies are achievements that you get for games. You get them for etc, killing 50 people in GTA (that's not a real one), then others can see you've killed 50 and then praise you on PS Network

    Just basically to show off to your friends. You can't use the trophies to buy something, etc.

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    DareDaEvil Guest
    Sony confirms the statement that all new games comin in 2009 must n will have trophies included in the games right??or was that juss another speculation ???

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    rai130koyl Guest
    i heard trophies are like the achievements that the xbox has, but the trophys make you lvl up or something.

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