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    trebort Guest

    What sort of tools a current PS3 owner needs?


    I'm an OSX software developer and in the past I've written a multi-purpose tool called Gumby (which had several PS2 functions as part of it's arsenal).

    I have re-started work on a new version of my app and have started writing code for Nintendo Wii's and Xbox 360's (patching, verification, burning, video conversion, etc...).

    I plan to get a PS3 in September and was wonder what sort of tools a current PS3 owner would need (video conversion? image patching?). Back in the PS2 era, one of the tools needed by people was a PAL/NTSC patcher (for example).

    Since I don't currently own a PS3, I'm the ultimate newbie. I plan to buy a machine to test my code and make sure it works 100%.

    So what would an OSX PS3 owner most want to see in a free utility?

    Suggestions welcomed.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Since you're basically looking for suggestions from current PS3 owners I updated the title and added a little Poll icon for ya. If I think of any myself, I will reply here also.. and welcome aboard trebort!

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    trebort Guest
    Thank you. I'll try my best to take in any suggestion and code the tools that are needed the best way I can.

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    rickylyh Guest
    if you can write driver on osx using PxVC1100 it a cool ~

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