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Thread: what is the ps3 slim case made of?

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    matt101 Guest

    Question what is the ps3 slim case made of?

    i'm looking to mod my ps3 slim... i'm going to take it to a modelmaker who does laser cutting... and before i do i would like to know what type of plastic the ps3 slim casing is made of. i know its plastic, but what type ?

    as the guy who i talked to said if i can find out the type of plastic its made of it would be easier to configure the laser or he will have to do a test cut to figure out the intensity of the burn.. which i do not want.

    i have searched but can't find anything about the plastic its made from... can anyone help. i even tried the A TEAM but no joy... any help acrpeciated

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Surely he can do a test cut on the inside of the hard drive front cover

    It's cheap ABS plastic - nothing else IMO.

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    severusx Guest
    I'll have to second ABS. There should be manufacturing marks inside the case that indicate what it is, but without looking I can almost guarantee you it's ABS.

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