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    Amco Guest

    What is the ps3 id used for?

    The games id being a folder named "bleus212"(madeup)? Is there any reason not to change it to the name of the game? I only placed games on my internal hard drive, does this id have anything to do with the placing games on an external drive?

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    General Plot Guest
    It's the serial ID for the game, which denotes region and a number (BLES = Europe, BLUS = US). The PS2 and PS1 also used very similar number systems (SLUS and SLES) and the ELF files were even named by this number as well, with the PS3 just having EBOOT's instead.

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    Amco Guest
    Any reasons to keep it named that way on the internal drive or should I just rename it to the name of the game?

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    General Plot Guest
    You can rename the folders if you want. As long as the directory structure stays the same, the games will load fine.

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