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    Snakes Guest

    What is the PS logo font?

    I am looking for the font (or something as close as posible) that is used for the PS logo (image below) because I want to make a 3D model in real size.


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    Apr 2005


    Not sure about the logo itself, but the PlayStation font is this one if it helps: http://famousfonts.smackbomb.com/fonts/playstation.php

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    Snakes Guest
    Yeah... I dont really think theres a font for this, cuz like my friend said "Its more like a symbol/design" so i'm looking for something close to that

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    Bastart Guest
    Maybe you can find it at: http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=717&page=1

    there are a lot of logo fonts, think the Playstation logo is in some font?

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    Pocker09 Guest
    I'm pretty sure the old school PS logo didn't have a 'font' per say, i think it was custom designed. I'm pretty sure that with all the money sony has they can throw some of it at a graphic designer to make a logo.

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