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Thread: What I must do to JB my Fat?

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    What I must do to JB my Fat?

    So, I've just got my Fat yesterday, and it's got 3.41 firmware on it. I want to jailbreak it, but I haven't got any other devices than 7 USB Flash Drives, a PSP Slim TA-085v2, a Nokia N91, and an iPod Touch 2G MC Model. The PSP is the best choice for me. If it's not possible, name please other devices, I will search if I have some. Then the last step, what I need, for example, do, if I choose the PSP? Thanks in advance, hope you help me. I'm a noob in PS3, I've only been in PSP scene long ago.

    btw, I have some discs already and one SIXAXIS wireless joypad.

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    Some decent guides are linked here:

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