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Thread: What happened to Tekken 6?

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    perzian111 Guest

    What happened to Tekken 6?

    Tekken 6 was supposed to come like spring 2008. no news for awhile..

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Get VirtuaFighter5 That's way better...

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    roman204 Guest
    i also wait on Tekken6, while waiting i got Tekken5.. its nearly the same and the practice isnt bad cause tekken is always getting faster.

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    byakugan23 Guest
    been waiting for this game, although its playable in japan i dont get why not in america...

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    rafaelcmsniper Guest

    tekken 6

    no way virtua fighter is better. never!!!

    tekken is the best fight game, only the kof series is better

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    pacific808 Guest
    If you are lucky you might be able to find an arcade near you that has tekken 6. I know there are like 2 machines here in hawaii.

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