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Thread: what happened to dynamic ps3 theme hacking?

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    imtoodvs Guest

    what happened to dynamic ps3 theme hacking?

    with all the great stuff going on right now, why hasn't anyone looked into hacking dynamic themes.

    i really haven't had the time to follow everything going on but, i just wanted to look a little bit further into that area since im sure access is now possible.

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest
    I had a feeling they ran using a very restricted java type thing that was nigh impossible to hack around, without seeing the back-end. Now the devs can see the back-end, so I'm guessing, if Sony failed somewhere in it, it is a valid point of entry for 3.50.

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    costocart Guest
    Backgrounds for dynamic themes are created by the same SDK thatís used to make games
    Its not as simple as java. from my limited understanding, even if its possible to create our own dynamic themes I think its illegal since we are using pony's sdk. i might be wrong though.

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