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    billyreneoberra Guest

    What does spkg sig check patched mean?

    can anyone please answer this question as simple as possible?

    i searched online, and as i found out a lot of other people on the net asked this question, but there seems to be nobody out there to give an answer to this question. so what is it?

    you need spkg sig check patched for certain downgrade methods and before i just try those new cfw or the downgraders and risk bricking my ps3 i'd really like to know what this is.

    anybody please thanks

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    scott7seven Guest
    i wondered the same thing a while back with rebug, didnt get an answer, dg'd anyway and was fine, i'm assuming its checked by default or something, as i said, i ignored it and i was fine, but can't say for sure what it is

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    niwakun Guest
    it means that the spkg (a module responsible for installing firmware updates) has been patched so it allows CFW to be installed on this FW that is spkg patched. Normally, a OFW 4.30 had blacklisted 3.55 HMAC Keys, once patched it will remove blacklisted 3.55 HMAC.

    If this spkg is not patched on these new CFW like 4.21 REX or 4.30 Rogero, there is no way you can downgrade back to 3.55 without a flasher. But yes, they patch spkg so you can just go back to 3.55 whenever you want without the need of a flasher.

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