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Thread: What does PS3 pkg install do to make games work?

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    muny21 Guest

    What does PS3 pkg install do to make games work?

    I have a question that I can not find the answer to and it is driving me crazy. I install a pkg on the PS3 and the game works. The question is, when I extract the pkg and copy the contents over to the PS3 via FTP it does not work or even show up in the xmb.

    For example, I install Tomb Raider PSN pkg and it works but manually copying the contents of extracted pkg does not.

    I am just curious as to why this would be. What is occurring during the pkg install that differs from manually copying the contents? I am using the Pkgview v1.1b to extract the contents. Could it be the extraction is not working properly or is it just not possible to install the games manually?

    Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    It is possible and have something to do with the extraction tool (files get corrupted) or you place the game into the wrong folder on your ps3.

    There is no diff in installing via pkg option or to copy the allready extracted files.

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    muny21 Guest
    That is what I figured. But for some reason the game does not show up. I even copied the folder after installing via package to see if it was the extraction tool but even that did not work.

    I installed the pkg, copied the contents to external drive, deleted the game, and copied back the contents to the ps3 and it still does not work. That is why I thought the pkg installation does something to another file on the ps3.

    thanks for your reply.

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    windrider42 Guest
    The pkg file installs the files in the proper location on the PS3 so it will load from XMB

    It is kind of the same as when you want to have a game that is in your backup manager to load like a PSN game. You could use the tutorial on that I would think to copy the PSN pkg to the proper location manually:

    Guide to install a PSN-like icon to launch game from XMB

    Guide done with Castlevania Lords of Shadow as an example.


    • Any official or custom firmware from 1.90 to 3.55.
    • A game already installed on your PS3 internal HDD using a Game Manager. (MultiMan, Gaia Manager, Rogero Manager, etc.).
    • multiMAN 1.16.12 or newer, already installed on your PS3. (Guide written with v1.17.02) -> update for v2.00.04
    • EBOOT_FIX.rar that you can find in some multiMAN archives. (Not always included, download older version if missing)
    • A FAT32 USB device.
    • Microsoft .net framework 3.5? or Visual basic libraries?


    On PC

    • Extract "multiMAN [EBOOT_FIX].rar" inside a folder, anywhere on your computer.

    • Open this new folder and keep it open

    • Put your Game folders on your computer or external drive. If you dumped your Bluray game to internal, use a game manager to copy the game on the external HDD, or use an FTP server to transfer the game to your computer. You can use FAT32 with split files too.

    • Open your game in a new explorer window with to have "MultiMan [EBOOT_FIX]" folder and your game folder side by side.

    • Drag and drop your game folder on eboot_fix.exe, a new command window will open to patch the game automatically.

    You can either drag and drop one of these folders into eboot_fix.exe :
    • Wait until the Command window close by itself (1 to 5 minutes).

    • You should now have 2 new folders in the "multiMAN [EBOOT_FIX]" folder :
    - [BLUS30339] [NPDRM] Castlevania Lords of Shadow (HDD)
    - [BLUS30339] [RETAIL] Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    • Go into the NPDRM folder, ex. for Castlevania: "[BLUS30339] [NPDRM] Castlevania Lords of Shadow (HDD)".
    There you will find :
    - "[BLUS30339] Castlevania Lords of Shadow (HDD).txt" --> A step by step installation guide
    - "[BLUS30339] Castlevania Lords of Shadow (HDD).pkg" --> The pkg to install on PS3 firmwares from 1.90 to 3.41
    - "[BLUS30339] Castlevania Lords of Shadow (HDD)-FW_355.pkg" --> The pkg to install on PS3 firmware 3.55

    • Copy the correct pkg file to the root of your FAT32 USB device.

    On PS3

    • Boot your PS3 in jailbreak mode, or use a Custom Firmware.

    • Go to "Game Data Utility" at the top of the GAME column on XMB.

    • Delete any related game data from the game that you want to create as PSN-like icon.

    • Plug the FAT32 USB device into the console.

    • Go to the "★ Install Package Files" menu under the GAME column on your XMB and select the .PKG file you created previously.

    • Go back to XMB and launch multiMAN

    • Put MultiMan in file manager mode (press SELECT+START, or L1/R1 to change mode up to the file manager mode).

    • Browse to your installed game (the real one, used by your manager), put the cursor over PS3_GAME folder (Do not go inside), press O (Circle) and select "Shadow copy".
    /dev_hdd0/gamez/[BLUS30339] Castlevania Lords of Shadow/PS3_GAME/

    • It will ask if you want to create a shadow copy of the selected folder, answer yes.

    This operation will create SHADOW copy of "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow™" to:
    /dev_hdd0/G/U30339 and /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30339/

    • Exit multiMAN (top right icon in the file manager mode)

    • Launch the game directly from "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow™ (HDD)" icon on the [GAME] column in XMB

    • If prompted to update the game to newer version - cancel the update


    Q. Why did you make a guide, it's already explained in MultiMan?
    A. Some users still asked how to do it.
    I had some questions not answered in the guide written by Dean, and I thought other users might have them too. I answer these questions as a FAQ.

    Q. How does it's work?
    A. Following this guide will create a new eboot.bin and a /dev_hdd0/game/GAMEID folder. This eboot.bin is a signed NPDRM (PSN-like icon) that you can launch directly from the XMB instead of using a Game Manager.
    When launching this NPDRM boot file, it will read your game's file located on /dev_hdd0/G/Partial GAMEID/
    on /dev_hdd0/G/Partial GAMEID/, there are SHADOW links to your actual backup game's files path.

    PS : I looked on dev_hdd0 using ftp server and a file manager, all 3 folders have full games files size. I don't know if it really takes 3x more places or if it's links reporting original file's size.

    Q. Why does it need 2 redirections?
    A. To install a game as a PSN-like icon, we need to replace any references to the game path from /dev_bdvd/ to the actual place where is store your game's files.
    Depending on the backup Manager you are using, it can be stored in many different places, and the folders can have any names you want, but the path size in eboot.bin must be kept short.
    So, all the path references are redirected to this path on the internal hard drive: /dev_hdd0/G/partial GAMEID/

    When you are patching the game's eboot.bin yourself using another program (ex. Auto Modifier), then you have to move all your game's file manually into the chosen "short named" folder.

    With multiMAN SHADOW copy option, it creates a new eboot.bin in this folder, instead of the game's file, which rewrite in real time all /Partial GAMEID/ references to your actual game files path.
    The advantage of multiMAN is that your real game files are kept at the same place all the time, so you can still launch the game using your game manager if you want to.

    Q. Do I need a PSN account to use PSN-like game?
    A. No PSN account needed. (Well, I never linked my PS3 to PSN, but I tried once when PSN can't be accessed with older firmware, so I have now a PSN icon on my XMB but I never synch).

    Q. Why can't I update the game?
    A. The update will replace the NPDRM eboot.bin with a retail eboot.bin.

    Q. Then, how do I update my game?

    Q. Will my current saves and trophy will still be working with the PSN-like game?
    A. Yes

    Q. Are "Black Screen Games" working from internal HDD using this method?
    A. Yes

    Q. Does it work on OFW, or do I need to launch the console with a payload using a dongle ? (not concerned by cfw)
    A. The game runs on a non jailbroken system as if the game was a retail PSN game. (= no dongle needed to play backups)

    Q. Does it work only with internal games, or can I store my games on external HDD too?

    Q. How do I uninstall the PSN-like game?

    Q. Will it delete my game from the game Manager too, or only from the XMB?

    Q. Does it delete the SHADOW copy folder too (/dev_hdd0/G/xxxxxx/), or do I have to delete this folder manually with a FTP or file manager?

    Q. When I use eboot_fix.exe, there are other folders. What are they used for?
    A. Eboot_fix.exe creates 3 things:
    NPDRM (PSN-like icon)
    1- Creates a pkg to install on your PS3. Then on MultiMan you have to make a SHADOW link of the game to point the real game data.
    2- Creates 2 eboot.bin in the DATA folder. MODIF eboot.bin is a decrypted+resigned version (For backup manager), and a NPDRM eboot.bin for PSN-like version (used for /dev_hdd0/game/GAMEID/ folder).
    RETAIL (not PSN-like)
    3- Creates a new decrypted and re-signed eboot.bin/trophy/license folder structure to run the game on a lower firmware than the required firmware. (For backup manager)
    The created eboot.bin is the same as the "MODIF eboot.bin" from the previous line, but this folder includes all the decrypted and resigned files needed for the game, like license and trophy.

    Created files 2 and 3 are only for advanced users, they are used to replace the files manually with ftp or file manager. You should focus only on the created pkg if you want a PSN-like game icon on your XMB.

    Q. What is eboot_mod.exe used for?
    A. eboot_mod.exe is the same thing as the "MODIF eboot.bin" from the previous question. It's used to decrypt and resign the new game's eboot.bin to launch the game on older firmware.
    Drag and drop an EBOOT.BIN file on it, and it will create a MODIFIED_EBOOT.BIN
    Rename and replace the EBOOT.BIN using an ftp server or a file manager into your backup game folder.

    PS :
    Let me know what you think about it, or if there's any error (I'm still trying to understand how the links are working).
    I'm still testing few things, I'll complete the faq later, after deleting the PSN-like game icon from XMB.

    2011 06 13: updated the Shadow copy command to use the context menu instead of R3 for multiMAN v2.00.01+

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    traube Guest
    Did you try to rebuild the database in Recovery Menu after copying the files to hdd, I'm not quite sure but this could fix your problem.

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    muny21 Guest
    how do you do this?

    windrider thanks for the tutorial but that was not what I was trying to do. appreciate the help though.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No it cant fix it hase nothing to do with the ps3's database

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Where are you moving the contents of the .PKG to? If you are moving it to the "game" folder in the Internal HDD using a file manager it should work.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You have to use the Demomanager.exe which creates out the *.PKG a folder name with 3 files, d0.pdb, d1.pdb and f0.pdb. You have to put the *.PKG which you want to install in that folder and move that to vsh/tasks. Reboot the system and voila you have an program which you can install from XMB.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I was trying to point out that with pkg installing, that it (the files) goes to the proper folders during installation.

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